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Keep your company in complete compliance for your mandatory 2015 Federal & State Labor Law Postings with our Free Labor Law Update Service.   






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Federal and State Labor Law Posters 2015

All employers with 3 or more employee's, must post and maintain the mandatory Federal & State Labor Laws ( Workplace Posters ) to assure that your employee’s are well informed of their rights by Federal & State Labor Labor Laws. Our Labor Law Posters are always the "Most Current and Up To Date" at your time of purchase.






  4 / 2015 - Federal OSHA Poster - Major Update.

The following 25 States (below) have increased their Minimum Wage for 2015.            

 AK  AR  AZ  CA  CO  CT  DC  DE  FL  HI  MA  MD  MO  MN  MT  NE  NJ  NY  OH  OR  RI  SD  VT  WA  WV 

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  35 States for 2015 have updated their Labor Law Posters.


Click on your State Map below to view your States 2015 Labor Law Poster Requirements & Recent Updates and to Purchase.


Federal & State Labor Law Posters - Laminated Set only $17.95 


Click on your State to veiw your Labor Law Poster requirements.        Federal Labor Law Posters      2015 Labor Law Postings                  


We Specialize in Large Order / Corporate Discounts : We supply many major Corporations across America. If your company requires a volume purchase of ( 10 ) or more any state combination 2015 ( Federal & State Poster Sets ) or ( 25 ) ( Federal only or State only ) Laminated. We will offer you a  % Discount  &  Free Fast Shipping to one location. Please provide a detailed description of your poster needs. 

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* Free Labor Law Poster Update Notifications      (Not Free Posters) - This will assure your company is in complete compliance for your 2015 Federal & State Compliance Posters. Any recent labor law changes in the Federal or your States Labor Laws, you will be contacted via email of which employer posters you will need to update / replace. This will eliminate your Human Resource Dept of having to research your states labor laws Monthly.




Office Hours  Mon - Fri 

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